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A simple solution for managing your hotel's pool and beach towel inventory.



Towel Management

Know where your towels are from the laundry, to the pool, to the guest.

Inventory Alerts

Get real-time alerts when a pool area or beach runs low on towel inventory.

Towel Rental

Accept deposits and offer towel rental services to unregistered guests.

Trackable Towels

We can provide you with trackable towels or work with your existing supplier.


Reduced Towel Loss

Tracking the distribution of your towels will identify and reduce the risk of loss from both guest and staff theft.

Cleaner Pool Decks

When guests believe they might be held responsible for loss, they are more likely to return their towels after use.

Lower Staff Costs

With guests returning their own towels, staff are free to attend to guests needs rather than picking up towels.

New Revenue Opportunities

Toweltrack offers the option to charge hotel guests for unreturned towels or to rent towels to non-hotel visitors.